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After years of having the desire and with a lot of careful planning, we are now proud to announce that we are constructing a Car Museum called “CARS INC” in Upper Hutt, Wellington. The Site for the Museum is adjacent to the old GM Car Plant in Trentham, Upper Hutt, which was the spiritual home for a huge number of the Cars that were on the NZ roads in the 50's, 60’s and 70's.

Our aim is to provide the Greater Wellington Region and its visitors with the opportunity to see vehicles of special interest or, in other words, “Mobile pieces of Art”.

The Museum is open to the public and has on display a wide range of vehicles encompassing Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Modern Classics, Circuit Cars, Drag Cars and Motorbikes, along with Auto Memorabilia. 

We have a Café and a Function Space in the Museum, this creates a destination that caters to all, families, car enthusiasts, clubs and groups that like a space to meet and something different to do. We have plentiful parking making it a perfect spot to start or finish a car or bike run. 

We are very passionate about Cars, we are a small family unit that has a modest Car Collection of our own, however, it’s not big enough to fill the Museum so if you have a Car or Vehicle of special interest that you are busting to let others see, here is your opportunity to think about getting it on show, within the Car Museum.

We also look for Automotive Memorabilia and related collections to put on display, so if you have anything of interest, start thinking about dusting them off if you would like to put them on display in the Museum as well.

The Boden’s

Depiction of a Hotrod
Depiction of a modern classic car.
Depiction of a 55 Chevrolet car
Depiction of a muscle car.
Depiction of a modern classic car.
Cars Inc Logo


Monday to Sunday - 8.00 am - 3:30 pm

Closed - Easter Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day,  Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Ph 0275 707070

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