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Artists drawing of proposed building for the museum.


Follow the progress of CARS INC here as we bring this car museum to life.


The Beginning

The idea phase lasted a few years then in 2019 it sprang into action as the search for the right place began. We looked at buildings and sections trying to determine the best size and location for CARS INC, this search lasted a while and had a few ups and downs until we found this great section and then decided that we would build what we need.  It's right next door to the old GM factory and the history it holds is not lost on us, we have been in the planning phase for what seems like eons but at last resource consent phase is underway and we hope to be turning dirt as soon as able. 


After A Long Wait


The Paperwork phase!


We feel we have been in limbo for a very long time, but it is now going to become a reality. We have resource and building consent and have booked in the earth works and are lining up all the other ducks we need in a row.  

We put up the coming soon sign yesterday and we cant wait till we open the doors. Will keep the updates coming.


Progress is Here -

April 2022

We managed to be there for the first piece of dirt to get turned, because by chance we delivered the workers site hut at the right time. Excitement doesn't do the feeling of actually starting justice. 


It may just look like a flat piece of dirt but this is exciting progress. The base is being prepped for the footings, the weather has been good and we are most definitely moving forward. 


It's Taking Shape -

September 2022

The invisible part of construction where hours of work happen below ground level is complete on the main museum building. The walls are rising and the steelwork is soon to commence, so it is starting to look like a building.  Hopefully, the worst of the weather delays are behind us too.

As the block walls at the front of the museum building are formed we will start the foundations for the cafe section (the front part). Then it will start to really take shape like the render picture on the home page.


It's Going Up! -

Early 2023

We have been hammered by the weather in this build with many delays but she is going up now. The main building's huge frame was up in a day with a massive crane. Roofing was next with single-piece long-run iron getting hoisted and placed by the crew. The concrete floor had to be poured in two big sections, meanwhile, the builders were hard at work framing the front Cafe section for cladding. Ground works and services work continues outside while we also focus on planning for displays, cars and the running of the cafe.


It's a Building! -

Mid 2023

Cladding was completed, fit out building work continues and the glass has gone in, we are now a sealed building with security cameras and wifi helping us to feel even more legit. Ground work is now focused on creating the carpark at the front and signage has gone up.

The place is heaving most days with tradesmen coordinating and working together to complete the job. We are there all the time 7 days a week, the amount of work we need to do is huge but enjoyable as we bring together our passion project.

We are looking forward to one day soon opening and sharing this project with you all. The support has been great and we really appreciate it, share with your friends that Cars Inc Museum and Cafe is nearing completion.  

Cars Inc Cafe
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